Monday, August 27, 2012

Half Way To Go

halfway through
and where exactly are you?

Last few days I feel like, 
'Wah, tak sabarnya nak start sem baru'.
But then, after the registration yesterday I feel like,
'No, this is a nightmare. I want more holidays!'

I'm in the middle of a long road full of obstacles. 
I can't go back. 
What I need to do is keep walking, running or even crawling till the end.
A journey to discover the beauty of life
to find the greatness of the Creator
to fulfill the desire
to build and strengthen the inside me.

Before I get to know my path of life, I said to myself  'Allah will put me on any road, it will be the best for me and He will help me along the way'

This becoming third year will be another tough-suffocating-gasping for air-year.
Lots of new things to learn and applied as it is the intro of clinical world.
And also the responsibilities on the shoulder, which I have to put extra commitment -Permanis and other pharmer activities.

I belive, Allah give me before hardship for me to appreciate the 'easy-ship' after. *i don't the word to describe huhu

By the way, let see ehat Hlovate says.


The road of mine might not be easy as others. But I know I will discover the things that others don't.
Allah always with me.

Hi third year, less then two weeks to see you. ;)

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