Saturday, July 14, 2012

Type A Me

Which blood group are you?

A, B, AB or O?

Me is A.

Let see the personality of Type A person.

Type A love with no conditions. 

Type A would sacrifice themselves for their partners. 

Type A are touched by the smallest things. 
Ha. This is true. 

When Type A are in love, there is one, and only one, person in the world to them. 
Oyeah. Maybe. 

Type A are usually first to end a verbal argument, but Type O are usually first to end the hard feelings. 
Verbal arguments? I never win. I choose to stopped. I choose not to say anything.

Type A will back off after a while in an argument, especially when they are not so sure of their stand. 

Type A are nice to everyone. If they dislike someone, they wouldn't even know. 

Type A don't say aloud they are having a hard time, but hint heavily through actions, hoping someone will notice. 
Yeah. Hoping someone will notice so that I know that I am not alone.

When Type A say they love you, they really mean it.  
 I love you. I love them. Trust me, I really mean it.

Type A accumulate stress because they refrain from saying and doing many things. 

Type A are full of emotions they don't verbalize. Instead, they express it in different ways such as writing or drawing. 
Me don't verbalize. I'm expressing in different ways. 

Its good for us to know about ourselves. So, are you Type A person? 

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